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I never thought I could love and respect and honor animals more than I already did, till I read "We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World." This amazing heartwarming book proved even more to me that animals are on a higher plane than we are. i will never doubt their intelligence, sage wisdom, sense of humor and their strong desire to communicate and connect with the human animal. After reading this book, you will be more aware of all the animals around you, whether they are your mascots,  the birds singing in the trees, squirrels scampering in the park, you will know that they are aware of you and want to make contact, telepathically. If you seriously take in what they have to say, your life will change in positive and profound ways.  This beautiful book deserves an infinite amount of stars.

  • Marsha Friedman, Horse and Soul Connections

I cannot say enough about this book.  

I've read from several other interspecies communicators and taken a class with one and this book is so much MORE than all of them put together.  It addresses such an expanse of knowledge and knowing.  It will remain with me for a very long time.   I've always known they were way beyond our understandings but I have literally bookmarked nearly every page.


  • Deb Stone - Amazon Reader 

About The Book

Animal Messages for Awakening World

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We Walk Beside You opens the door to the breathtaking world of animal consciousness and what animals understand about Life – and us.


Communicating through the vehicle of telepathy – from one mind to another –members of the animal kingdom step forward to reveal what they want humans to finally know.  From snails to blue whales to our beloved animal family members, they disclose insightful observations of human conduct and rectify our long held misconceptions about their behavior.  Even more significantly, they deliver messages filled with the hope, inspiration and vision that are so badly needed in our current human world.  

​Beckoning us towards sanity and self- empowerment, away from our devices and back to connection with each other and all Life, the world of animal consciousness can profoundly open our eyes and hearts and help us experience life with more understanding, sense of purpose and joy.   


 Book 2: Animal Insights

for Everyday Living

Four years in the making - and in response to reader requests - Animal Insights for Everyday Living takes us further into animal wisdom and vision that may be of help to us, right here, right now.


Easy to reference and digestible in small bites, animal guidance is offered in a message-for-the-day format, addressing issues such as Fear, Gratitude, The Awakening of Humanity, Growing Older, Health, Spirit, Manifestation and more. 


In their unique way, animals simplify what humans complicate.  Masters of adaptability and optimism, and free from the mind-driven human condition, animals possess a unique perspective that helps re-direct humans back to our true nature which is free, abundant, empowered, and driven by the wisdom of the heart.  

“Congratulations to Sandra Mendelson! Her words – and the animals’ – elegantly capture the sorts of things that humans should know about nature, but have sadly forgotten.”

- Con Slobodchikoff, animal language expert, Professor emeritus, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University, author of Chasing Dr. Dolittle and Learning the Language of Animals

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Sandra Mendelson illuminates the powerful shift in relationship that happens when we begin to understand who animals really are.  Her many delightful and profound stories of communicating with animals show other species’ deep love for us and their wisdom. We can see how animals can contribute to our understanding of life and even help guide us. What a treasure!”

- Penelope Smith, founding animal communication specialist, author of Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication, When Animals Speak, Animals In Spirit, Animals: Our Return to Wholeness, Animal Healing Power

About The Author

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My name is Sandra Mendelson. I am a channel of animal consciousness and I share messages from the animal kingdom for the benefit of humans.  I didn't exactly show up on the earth this way; my pathway here took five decades to unfold.


In 2009 I emptied my corporate suit closet, filled it with leggings, old jeans and muck boots and became certified as a health coach, polychromatic LED light therapist and equine photopuncture therapist. By 2012,  I could legitimately help both two and four legged creatures to lessen pain and speed healing.


One day, while I was applying infrared light therapy to an injured horse, a voice boomed loudly in my head: "THIS HAY IS CRAP".  Five minutes later, one of the boarders entered the barn announcing "There's mold all over the hay." Weeks later, I “heard” a message from another horse named  Emilion that dismantled every belief I held about human versus non-human capabilities, perception and spiritual awareness and set in motion my dance of awakening to animal consciousness.


For nearly three years, I clung to my skepticism, accumulating “real world proof”— solving problems for humans by communicating with their pets—before I could believe the information  I was receiving from the horses.  The wisdom and insights they conveyed were what we expect to hear from the mouths of spiritual thought leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and, posthumously, Wayne Dyer.  

Once I allowed for the possibility that Universal Wisdom could be transmitted through the consciousness of a non-human, many other animals of the land, sea and air — both in body and in spirit —began to reveal the secrets of their existence along with guidance to help us survive and thrive as humans.  

The We Walk Beside You books are just one of their many gifts to all of us.


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About The Author

Reader Reviews.  See more at

I received this phenomenal book a few days ago as a birthday gift from a friend, and I read it in 2 days. I haven't wept so much over a book since Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth. The tears began over the first rat story and continued as the messages seemed to get more profound and moving. I am blown away by this book and intend to gift many copies to family and friends. It is something I have been LONGING FOR and these animal messages are healing for my soul. There is an abundance of wisdom and spiritual guidance for us humans. What a precious gift Sandra Mendelson has shared!!! I have read several other animal communication books too, but We Walk Beside You is by far the most meaningful and powerful. It is so well written, so honest, so hopeful and empowering. I know it's going to take time to understand, absorb and live each message and so I'm delighted that Sandra has also created a card deck, which will help. I will be ordering it today. With deepest gratitude, Alex Tufnell

Alex Tufnell - Washington

I just read this book today and I wanted to say I found myself laughing, crying, oddly feeling loved (tears again!) worrying, and vowing to use my energy to help the earth and animals to the best of my ability. This is the first animal communication book I have read (and believe me I have read many for the past 40 yrs) that really emphasizes the energetic work the animals do, even though I knew they gave us energy. I am a Reiki practitioner and this book has changed the way I will be a conduit for energy. Thank You Sandra Mendelson for giving all those precious souls a voice.

Kit Warner - Maine

What a joy of a book! Every page provides a new viewpoint, insights that have Truth after Truth, different perspectives for old questions and also hope for our planet that we can learn to see ourselves as belonging to Gaia rather than living on a rock to be plundered. It has already changed my relationship with my natural environment and the animals who inhabit this place with me - and I've not finished my first read-through yet. One page had my heart bleeding for Ruggie the horse and the next page made me laugh - humour coming from a most unexpected source. Give one to everyone you know, let us change the world through love.

Sylvia Tollhurst- United Kingdom

Spellbinding!  This is a book that takes you on a journey into the animal kingdom.  We hear the words and stories of large and small species who wish to share with us.  They want us to learn from their wisdom and experiences so we can be happier within.  As a result, we become kinder in our interactions with all who are in our lives. Rarely can an author open our minds and hearts to share these insights.  This is an  intelligent and powerful book to share with my children, my  family  and friends.  

Lois Rothberg - Florida

We Walk Beside You is a great read.  It is enlightening in so many ways.  There were so many passages that resonated with me, especially regarding my experience adopting my dog Kate.   Like Sandra's dog Mr. T, Kate shows me every day what it truly means to "be love" and that miracles do happen and love never dies.  There are other themes in the book, eg: when someone enters our lives and changes them for the better, forever...synchronicities...staying aware of signs, including seemingly crazy intuitive urges to call someone...I get these gut feelings that I follow through with and the end result is that it always works our for the best that I did.  So, thank you Sandra Mendelson for your communicating with members of the animal kingdom to help humankind to "go with the flow of life, not against it."  I am going to reread this book again and again.

Dolores Kiriacon - Florida

Sandra Mendelson takes a leap of courage to listen to the voice of animals! We unconsciously silence their voices, we ignore the horrors we impose upon them. But Sandra has chosen to listen!  We have a long way to go in regard to valuing animals as sentient beings.  We are aligned with animals, they are our greatest teachers. This beautiful book translates the heart of compassion and truth from the whispers and wisdoms that come from the animals who share this magnificent planet we live on! Enjoy this true and genuine account of beauty and compassion!

Leslie Lightbourn - Ontario, CA

"I have to say I found this book amazing.  I have personally learned so much from what the animals have shared. I had trouble putting the book down." 

Mona Friedland - Florida

Sandra's writing is full of validations from our kindred spirits, the animals, and as I read, I felt and understood that she is truly connected to their consciousness.  The messages shared are for everyone and can change our perspective on our own existence and can also change our perspective on our kindred spirit's depth of knowledge and wisdom.

Jeannie Vos - Michigan

Animal Communicator and Teacher, Animal Totem Medium, Reiki Master & Esoteric Energy Practitioner

This compilation of wisdom from the animals is a treasure for us humans. Sandra Mendelson has honed her interspecies communication gifts to allow each animal to give voice to their deep knowings about the lessons that humans need to embody to create The New Earth. The human collective knows the earth as we know it is not working to benefit the Highest Good. The animals know how to live in higher harmony and in this book, they generously share how we too can do the very same, to benefit All Beings. How grateful I am to Sandra for sharing these transformative gems of wisdom. How grateful I am to the animals who reach us through heart to heart transmission.

Sabina Cox - California

Spiritual Counselor

This book is beautifully created and crafted.  Some of my favorite quotes comes from Sandra's dog Mr. T, who reminds us to :  "Pay more attention to the current moment" and "live the animal wisdom ways."  Channeling is a gift - one that Sandra Mendelson has used so well to manifest this extraordinary book.


Melanie Simon - Florida

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